Kirkorov accused in the death of a man after a concert at the trump casino

Russian singer Philip Kirkorov has accused the US of causing fatal injuries to an elderly security guard at the concert. According to media reports, the case was heard in the court of the state of new Jersey.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe


According to the materials of the case, which became available to the editors of the portal Life, we are talking about events even in 2004, when Kirkorov gave concerts in Atlantic city. The prosecution argued that the artist performing on the stage of the Trump Taj Mahal casino owned by Donald Trump walking down the stairs to the audience rudely pushed 70-year-old security guard Thomas Rogers. He fell, hit his head, was hospitalized, then for a long time suffered from headaches and died in 2009. His relatives and brought court proceedings in the court of the state of new Jersey.

As stated in the publication itself Kirkorov during the trial explained that the lights just didn’t see the guard on the stairs and so collided with him. However, colleagues of Rogers claimed that the singer first grabbed the guard, and then pushed that has done this intentionally.

The court documents also noted that the Russian star tried to raise the fallen man, “stood and laughed,” and then continued performance.

In September 2009, the court ruled that the man partly to blame in the tragic case of Rogers, but as the guard made a mistake, violating a briefing about the rules at the concert. September 10, 2009, the jury returned a verdict that the singer did not commit the attack and inflicted beatings the guard, as well as setting the nature of the incident, “51% of the negligence in Rogers and a 49% Kirkorov”.

The guard’s family appealed, but the court of second instance, though announced several mistakes during the first hearing, left the decision without change.