JumpStart Online Virtual Worlds For Kids

JumpStart provides a safe and secure online environment where children can play, interact, make friends, explore and learn significant lessons at the same time. It offers many interesting games like Pet Rescue, Madagascar, Eat My Dust and Math Blaster and a lot more.

JumpStart Online Virtual Worlds For Kids Instructions
JumpStart.com is the very first learning game delivered in a browser with high-quality 3D graphics that enables children to play, interact, explore and learn in a safe and secure online environment. You need an account to have fun at JumpStart, to create an account is easy:

  1. Go to www.jumpstart.com
  2. Click Creat an Account on the top of y the webpage
  3. Fill the required information, including Parents’ Name, Parent’s Date of Birth, Email, Password and Child’s Name or Nickname.
  4. Click Finish & Play

About JumpStart
JumpStart is a leading developer of children’s learning games since 1994. By creating a virtual world where children are able to participate in interesting activities and meet fresh friends while at the same time learning significant lessons. It provides your family with a balanced practice of education and fun. JumpStart ha

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