Join Office Depot Rewards Program for More Office Savings

As a customer, you undoubtedly want to get more from the retailers or brands you love and there are a lot of ways that would help you achieve that. You can use coupons that the retailers offer, you can have limited-time offers by checking retailers weekly ads online, you can also participated in surveys to win bounty cards or discount coupons. Well, there is another way which will benefit you for a lengthy term, that is the prizes program.

Office Depot Rewards Program Overview
As a leading supplier of office products and services, Office Depot already provides the best products with reasonable prices, but as a loyal customer you could get more from Office Depot by joining in its prizes program and benefit from it in the lengthy term.

Visit www.officedepotrewards.com and join this program if you like.

If you receive a fresh membership card from a store but did not provide any information, you need to inject your member number or you can join by coming in  information such as your name, address, email address, password you created and click “Submit”

The next page will confirm the information you entered and demonstrate your member number. You can print that page for your record

You will receive your membership card within 4-6 weeks

After you get your print copy you can click “Continue” to further finish your profile by providing more information about yourself such as  your gender, age bracket etc and click “Submit”

You may have to wait for up to 6 wees to permit the points posted on your account.

Earn Points

After you ended your profile, you officially become the Office Depot Rewards Program member and you will earn 10 point for $1 spent on ink, toner, paper and copy/print /ship services.

When you earn 1000 points, which means you will receive $10 prizes certificate

When you spend $200 you become a Choice Member the next quarter, which means you will earn more points on products you love.

When you recycle a ink or toner cartridge you could earn extra 200 points, you can recycle up to 10 cartridges every month  but you have to make purchase f oat least $10 that month

If you have any questions about this program you can refer to: Office Depot Rewards Program FAQs 

About Office Depot
As a office products and services supplier for global market, Office Depot has more than 27 year s history. Office Depot operates its biz thru numerous channels such as  supply stores,contract sales force, internet sites, direct marketing catalogs  and call centers.

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