Join Express Next Rewards Program to Save More for Clothing

Beautiful and decent clothes will bring you joy and confidence. That is why there are so many people spend a lot of time shopping for clothes on weekends. As a style retailer, Express is committed to bringing style and beauty to all customers. The Express Next Rewards permit you to love beauty and benefits at the same time.

Express Next Rewards Program Instructions
Express Next Rewards provide customers with many benefits. As a member of the rewards, you can earn points for every qualified buck you spend, get a prize at every 2500 points earned, receive an sensational bday gift, get free standard shipping on express.com orders and much more. To be a member of the rewards, you need to apply online.

  1. Visit www.express.com/next.
  2. If you have joined the prizes in store, you need to activate your account online by clicking the relevant link on the left side of the homepage.
  3. If you are fresh to Express Next, you can hit “Continue” button on the right side and come in your email address.
  4. Create a password and come in your Zip. Then you need to provide your private information including your total name, address, bday and phone number.
  5. By doing so, you can inject your account where you are able to view your profiles, orders, wishlist, points and points history.

The left side of your account page provides you with a credit card button. Open and use an Express Next credit card can receive 15% off your very first purchase. Cardholders can also earn 50% more points with every dollar, a $10 prizes at every 2500 points earned and more.

  1. To apply for an Express Next credit card online, you need to visit application page in

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