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A job is the way to support yourself and your family; a job is one of the means to realize your value. Obtaining a job is vital and it is not that easy. A good channel of job information is particularly important. If you are active hunting for a job, Jobs.com is the right place for you and Jobs.com Job Search may help you find your suitable job.

Job Search Service Instructions
At Jobs.com, you can not only lightly find jobs around your town but also jobs all over the world. You are able to search for jobs according to location, keywords, job title, or browse jobs thus you can build up more opportunities. Jobs.com provides you with access to millions of jobs in addition to career devices and helpful advice. No matter you are an employer or a job seeker, Jobs.com builds the communication bridge and helps to find the most suitable job or candidates for you soon.

If you are an employer, you can post your jobs and reach millions of qualified candidates. By using Monster’s free hiring devices you are able to manage job postings, manage candidates, post jobs to social media and reach job seekers with mobile recruiting. The price of a job posting is $395. The more postings you buy, the more money you can save. Moreover, Power Resume Search will help you pinpoint the best-qualified candidates in less time. Other products like job bold, job refresh, target slot and target post can be used after payment.

If you are a job seeker, pay attention to the upper part on Jobs page. You can inject keywords of the job content, plus location information such as city, zip code and so on, to commence your job hunting. This is very convenient and is time-saving for job hunters with specific targets. You can also use links by specific criteria such as city, title, company to browse jobs as well. Besides, you can take a look at advice for job seekers such as how to keep your guard up at the interview and five things you should never say at work. You can learn a lot form them and get benefits. On the right column of Jobs page list some featured jobs. Click any one and you can see more details about the job vacancy.

In the navigation bar, there are many other resources for you. Click “Career Advice” and you can get a lot of suggestions for your career development. Don’t leave behind the “Career Tools“. There you are able to use Career Snapshots and Career Benchmarking to learn more about yourself and your ability. In addition, you can employ Career Mapping to explore career paths. These information instruments would be helpful in providing you with guidance in order to make your own career decisions.

Last but not least, you can post a resume on Monster and then employers can access to it. You can either upload your resume or create a fresh one by building a resume with Monster’s Resume Builder. Sample resumes are provided for your convenience. Review the resume tips and you can consummate your resume so that it will attract more employers and land you more job chances.

About Jobs.com & Monster
Jobs.com devotes to be a bridge inbetween job hunters and employers. It contains large quantity of job information and is beneficial for job seekers, employers and even publishers. It is a large network covering American continent, Australian continent and European continent.

Monster is founded by Jeff Taylor in 1999 with its headquarter in New York, NY, United States. It belongs to Internet industry and it is public-held. With almost five thousand employees in 36 countries, Monster serves 63 million job seekers per month and earned $996 million a year, making it the world’s largest job search engine. After years of development, it  has grown from a “job board” into a global provider of a large range of job seeking, career management, recruitment and talent management products and services.

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