Irving Oil Rewards Program

In an intensely competitive biz world, all kinds of businesses have to strive for existence with prizes means. Surely, prizes program is held for biz to promote sale, meanwhile, it brings customers certain benefits. Would you like to buy gas while saving some money?  If so, Irving Rewards program is right the one for you.

Irving Oil Rewards Program Instructions
At more than 300 participating Irving locations via New England, the Irving Rewards program is ongoing and helps customers to save money on gas. The program’s process mainly hinges on  a card. Since the beginning of the program on June 1, 2011, the number of Irving customers who have registered their Rewards card has been soaring to over 170,000.

It is effortless for participants to use the Rewards card. What you very first need to do is to get a Rewards card at any participating Irving location. Then, you need to register online the card you hold. Click “Register it here” and resume the registering processes with the following three steps.

  1. Register you card: You will be asked to cram in a form of your intimate information and account information. Such as your name, phone number, location information, password.
  2. Confirm information: Check the information you’ve packed out in case that you may make some mistakes.
  3. Complete: Finish the entire registering process.

With your registered card, you are now on your way to save money. Irving Rewards cards are only available inwards at participating Irving and Circle K locations. It is right to ensue the instructions at the pump. Every time you buy gas, simply swipe your Rewards card at the pump, or bring it inwards after a fuel fee is paid at the pump. Once the amount of gasoline you buy reaches 50 gallons, you’ll receive $.10 off per gallon on your next pack up – up to 20 gallons.

With your registered card, you can participate in Random Rollbacks which embarked on June 5th.

  • If you come in at the pump, you should swipe your card each week , and then you’ll be put into the list for a chance to win a price rollback. The rate is 1/12 to win a price rollback of $3.00, $1.00, 25¢ or 10¢ off per gallon. In addition, each week you can automatically get 3 bonus ballots which will be used in contest for a nicer chance to win a prize.
  • If you come in online, you may have the chance to win $100 and $50 Irving bounty cards weekly prizes and one grand prize of Free Gas for a Year or a Jetski. Besides, you can have greater chance to win prize because you can  enter one extra ballot each day apart from the 3 BONUS ballots you can earn when swiping at the pump.

Whether you have a registered card or not, you can take part in some onsite events to local radio stations which have programs to feast the comeback of Random Rollbacks, chances are waiting for you to win Irving gas bounty cards and other good prizes.

Please notice: The entire Rewards program will proceed until such time as Irving modifies, amends or terminates the redemption period for any discount or discontinues the Irving Rewards program. After you earn rewards, you should redeem before they expire. The valid period includes the number of days left in the month from the date they are earned plus an extra 30 days thereafter. For instance, a prize earned on June 4th will expire on July 31st.

About Irving Oil Limited
Irving Oil Limited was a gasoline, oil, and natural gas producing and exporting company established in 1924 by Kenneth Colin (K.C.) Irving. It is family-owned and privately-held, mainly operates on oil refinery and puts out fuels, lubricants, petrochemicals and so on. It wields over 900 retail locations via Eastern Canada and New England to serve its customers. Its products exert excellent influence on marine, road and rail area.

Reserve an Irving Oil prizes card at www.theirving.com/rewards.

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