Indiana Career Connect

Looking for a job chance or a good candidate at the State of Indiana and developed by Indiana department of workforce development? As the No.1 resources of job openings in the sate, Indiana Career Connect benefits Indiana individuals and employers, where individuals can find a job while the employers can find qualified candidates.

Indiana Career Connect Guide
At www.indianacareerconnect.com for employers, you can:

  1. Post a job request
  2. Find a candidate
  3. Research candidate trends
  4. Learn the general labor market information

For individual candidates, you can:

  1. Find the job openings list
  2. Create your own resume
  3. Explore a career
  4. Research the job market online

There are some extra resources for individuals and employers, like the education and training information, legend services, youth services, online learning and skill development. What is more, you can visit WorkOne via Indiana Career Connect.

About Indiana  Career Connect
Indiana is attempting to be the guide on your way to success. Here you can find a career close to home that matches your abilities and experience, explore training opportunities to help you get the job you want. And for employers there are thousands of Hoosier job candidates,and free customized searches permit you to find candidates with the abilities and qualifications that fit your needs.

Visit www.indianacareerconnect.com to find your career at Indiana.

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