In Paris detained waving his knife in front of police man

At the North station of Paris police arrested a man who brandished a knife in front of the police patrol. The suspect stated that he had defended his life

As reported by BFM TV, on the Northern station in Paris, a man approached the police patrol and began waving the knife in front of guards. No one is injured, he immediately obeyed the order to drop the weapon and lie on the floor.

Later, the man said that nobody wanted to cause harm, and a knife brandished because he feared for his life.

The publication notes that during the incident, many visitors to the station, dropped their things and began to panic to flee. As a result, on the scene arrived sappers with dogs to find out whether there were explosives left in bags and suitcases.

The incident on the Paris station occurred two days after the terrorist attack on the Champs Elysees, where the offender from the machine and shot a police patrol, killing one of the police officer and injured two others. Responsibility for the attack was later taken by the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (banned in Russia).

It was later revealed that the shooter was a Kareem Sheriff, who had previously been repeatedly tried, but could not be accused of radicalism.