In Moscow the police gave chase, during which a man died

Check the actions of the police, organized on the ring road chasing the car-the infringer on the night of 21 April, with the result that there was a mass accident and killed one person, will hold the insurance investigators.


As it became known “MK”, the accident occurred at 0.30 on 29-m kilometre of MKAD. Police car assigned to the OMVD for the area BIRJULEVO Western, was patrolling his stretch of road, when they noticed a suspicious car “VAZ”. Police using loud speaker asked the driver to stop, but he speeded up and tried to escape, weaving between cars in the stream.

First “Lada” followed in the fourth strip, and then dramatically reconstructed in the third and lost control, the car crashed into the car “Toyota” (it was driven by a resident of Vologda). After that “VAZ” and “Toyota” faced with the police “Ford Focus”. From hitting the domestic car and the Ford flipped, then VAZ flew in a ditch.

The crash injured the policeman-the driver, 35-year-old senior police Sergeant Sergei Dobrokhotov (length of driving — since 2008) — police closed cherepno-a brain trauma.

Injured and the driver “VAZ” — 38-year-old Zamin Abdullayev. With serious injuries — open fracture of the skull, injury of the abdomen — he was taken to the intensive care unit of the clinical hospital №12, where he died several hours later. By the way, “vases” was the countryman Abdullayev — Namizad akhadova, a resident Bolotnikovskaja travel.

Insurance investigators will examine the circumstances of the accident. Service “Ford Focus” can not be restored, and the approximate cost of used cars — to 200 thousand rubles.