In Gyumri, the Russian serviceman stabbed

On Saturday 22 April, Armenia in Gyumri, where Russian 102nd base, was found the body of a Russian soldier-contract employee Dmitry Lapaeva. His body was found stab wounds.


Dmitry Alaev – according to the Agency published photos of the Russian military from its pages in the network “Vkontakte”. This user page is the service in the 102nd base in Gyumri.

According to the “Sputnik-Armenia” the body of Russians was discovered at 17:30 local time.

On a scene already there arrived the Prosecutor of Shirak region Karen Gabrielyan. He reported that eyewitnesses say the fight, during which the soldier and stabbed.

According to the Agency, the incident occurred near the store, which is located near the military unit. Judging by the video of the Armenian television company, the Russian was in uniform. next on the asphalt are visible traces of blood.

Gabrielyan also said that on the given fact criminal case on signs of article 104 of the Criminal code – “murder”. “The identity of the deceased soldier set. He was 21 years old, he was a military man-the contract employee,” said the Prosecutor.

We will remind that on April 19 in Gyumri lost another Russian soldier Dmitry Lashmanov. However, he was later discovered in one of the apartments safe and sound.