In Birobidzhan, clashes of workers with the soldiers of Regardie

In Birobidzhan the investigator of the TFR in the Jewish Autonomous region opened a criminal case on the fact of violence against the representative of authorities during the conflict Friday April 21 on the streets of harvesters engineers. There the police tried to detain the businessman Ivan Prokhortseva are also a leader of the local opposition and organized protests. He stood up the working of one of the enterprises, after which there was a mass brawl between the security forces of Regardie and local residents.


Video frame DVHab Website of Khabarovsk.

According to the report on the website of the TFR in the region, unidentified persons with the purpose of “impeding the lawful activities and the use of violence dangerous to life and health” entered into a confrontation with SWAT officers and other law enforcement officials. Security forces, according to the report, carried out investigative actions in the form of a search of the house.

Now the consequence establishes persons involved in the disorder determines the severity of the harm caused to law enforcement agencies.

This site it is reported that the riot originated in the attempt of security forces to detain a local businessman and opposition leader Ivan Prokhortseva.

Near the house Prokhortseva gathered more than 50 people who tried to prevent the arrest of opposition. Employees of the company Prokhortseva arrived to the place of investigative actions on the bus and went to stood in the cordon of security forces. As a result, the employees of Regardie used against the working techniques of unarmed combat.

Then to the place of incident there has arrived the chief of the Metropolitan police Paul jurov, called on local residents to order, but his address was Wikiquote swear words. The police tried to detain persons who insulted the chief of police and at that moment there was a second clash between security forces and workers.

The incident injured three people, including one woman. Data on victims of the security forces in the media there. The police detained Ivan Prokhortseva and his son Ivan Prokhortseva Jr.