Iams So Good Dog Food for Your Puppy

Which dog food brand you trust to feed your dogs? Is your dog indeed eating healthy, additives-free food? Your lovely animal companion should eat the right food like Iams So Good to keep his or her mouth glad and assets healthy. Iams Dog Foods suggest a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Iams So Good Dog Food Guide
Some leading dog food brands add sugar, dyes, and artificial preservatives, so when you are feeding your dog, you actually don’t know what’s in your dog’s bowl. Iams So Good is made with wholesome ingredients. Roll over each cup of dog food brand in the picture of the Iams So Good dog food site to find out what Beneful, Pedigree, Dog Chow and Kibbles ‘n’ Bits has in their dog food.

Iams dog food formulas include Iams ProActive Health, Iams Naturals, Iams Premium Protection, Iams Veterinary Formula, Iams Sporting 29/18, Iams So Good and Iams Woof Delights. Among them, Iams So Good introduces delicious, wholesome nutrition of Iams So Good Savory Chicken to keep your dog healthy, strong and playful. There is no added sugar, dyes, or artificial preservatives but veggies & fruit, protein-packed chicken and crunchy kibbles. For adult dog food, Iams So Good has Iams Shakeables Soft & Chewy Treats for Dogs Gobble ‘em up with turkey and Iams Shakeables Soft & Chewy Treats for Dogs Un-baa-lievable with lamb. Click on the products to find nutritional information and buy online.

“Store Locator” button in the product page you inject can help you find local retailers who carry Iams. Enter your zip code and distance to search for the location. You can refer to FAQs for any questions relating to Iams, or call 1-800-525-4267. If you are not satiated with this product, simply save the unused portion, together with the proof of purchase, and call Iams. They will substitute the product or refund your money.

Let Iams So Good dog food help switch the way your dog live. www.iams.com/sogood.

About Iams
The Iams company was founded in 1946 to sell pet food for cats and dogs. The founder, Paul Iams, developed the world’s first-ever animal-based protein, dry dog food. The company was sold to P&G in 1999. Now Iams is a brand name for dog food and cat food manufactured by P&G. Iams cares about the health and well-being of dogs and cats. It takes total responsibility for the fate of every dog and cat who participates in feeding studies.

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