HSBC Employee Share Plans

If you are an Emloyee Plan Member of HSBC, with the help of login page online, you can view all the real time information on all your share plans, your payment information and transactions, useful documentation and more.

HSBC Employee Share Plans Instructions
HSBC employee share option plan commenced from year 2005, HSBC share options are granted under all employee share plans. For more information about the plan eligibility and potential benefits for each employee, you can download the pdf document and learn more about it.

Currently, the employees of HSBC can access their Computershare account from their HSBC workstation with safety and security by going to MyHRDesktop on GHRS. Then go to “My Benefits”, and after that My Share Plans, at last click Computershare link. By logging in with your user ID and Password, you will be permitted to access all the features of this site as listed below:

  • Portfolio: to view instant information on your share plans, payment information and transactions.
  • Transaction History: to view share information and transactions historical record.
  • All Transactions: to view your unrestricted or restricted shares and share values.
  • Plan Documentation: to view useful documents such as Employee Brochures.
  • Downloadable Forms: Download related forms to transact on your holding.
  • FAQ: to provide answers to the permanently asked questions about all Employee Plans.

If you have got problems with HSBC Employee Share Plan, you can dial +44 (0) 870 889 3105 or mail to Computershare Plan Managers, Bridgwater Road, Bristol BS99 6AP.

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About HSBC
HSBC Holding founded in 1991, is a British and one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations which headquartered in London, UK. With around 6,900 offices in worldwide market, HSBC is committed to help economic growth and fullfill their hope and ambitions.

Get the official HSBC employee share plans information at www.hsbc.com/employeeshareplans or contact your local office HR about how you can apply for it.

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