How to know the size of its debt

In Russia there are lots of services that allows you to know the size of the debt by major types of payments, for example, to tax authorities or traffic police. Main of them — a review of RBC


To check the tax debt in several ways:

  • using the service of official site FTS of Russia “Personal account of the taxpayer”
  • take advantage of the “Know your debt” on a Single portal of public services
  • to check the availability of information in the data Bank of Executive proceedings of the Federal bailiff service.

Fixed telephony

To check the availability of debts for local telephone communication is also possible in several ways, which, however, vary depending on operator:

  • call the hotline of the operator (for example, “Rostelecom” — 8-800-100-0800);
  • through a personal account of the subscriber on the operator’s website;
  • by visiting the operator’s office and in consultation with the Manager;
  • subscribers of “Rostelecom” may apply to any branch of “Mail of Russia” and to check the debt there in the presence of documents confirming the identity of the owner.


Arrears of utilities can be found:

  • the district Directorate single customer’s place of residence;
  • online government services;
  • the authorized banks in Moscow, such a service provides “VTB Bank of Moscow”;
  • arrears in payment of electricity can be obtained directly from the regional retail companies (including on their website, in Moscow it Mosenergosbyt).


Outstanding traffic fines can be found:

  • directly in the traffic police or on the website of the Inspectorate;
  • on the websites of public services (here or here);
  • in Moscow information about the fines you can get on the website and mobile app Moscow Parking.

In addition, the debt information individuals provide various online services “Autocode”, “Yandex.Money”, all-Russian portal of control of debts, “traffic Fines” and other resources, including banking. For example, service verification and payment of fines STSI offers Tinkoff Bank.

Many online resources, including the official offer versions of their mobile apps.