How To Get A Free iPhone 4

You can always get a free cell phone only if you meet the LifeLine requirements. What about free iPhone 4? Is there any way to get free iPhone 4 or it is just scam. There are some ways to help you distinguish real free iPhone 4 offers.

Sometimes free iPhone 4 means unblock or jailbreak your iPhone 4 to make it work not only in AT&T network, but also Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. If your iPhone is iOS 4 and 4.0.1 or even lower version, it is effortless to unlock it.

Back to the topic of having a free iPhone 4 sans paying for it. There are many sites suggesting free iPhone 4. Be cautions about those offers, if the suggest or sweepstakes is coming from trustful companies, like Apple, AT&T, Google, sense free to join, just like what Google suggested to apps developer, only if your apps is good enough, Google will send you a free Nexus One or HTC EVO 4G. If they asked you to send them certain amount of money or your credit card information. Just stop and leave it alone. Some online survey provides iPod, iPhone and even up to $5,000 cash lucky drawing.

Apply for a free government cell phone if you do not find a good chance to have a free iPhone 4. More free iPhone 4 activities are coming. Leave your message if you find there is any nice place to win.

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