How To Get A Free AT&T Cell Phone

Looking for free cell phones? AT&T is a one choice. AT&T is suggesting more than 20 kinds of free cell phones.

AT&T free cell phones suggest includes most of the favored feature phones like Samsung Sunburst, Sony Ericsson W518a, Pal Pixi Plus, Pantech Link, Samsung a777, Nokia 6530, LG Neon, LG CF360, BlackBerry Pearl 8110 and Samsung Strive.

To receive those cell phones, you need to sign a two-year service agreement. Some phones requires a minimal spending data plan or messaging plan. Also the free AT&T cell phone is not available for all regions, please reach your local AT&T customer service and check out whether you are available for the free offer. Visit AT&T free cell phone promotion page for more information about those phones.

One more thing to mention is the minimal monthly spending of the two years contract, if you do not take care of those

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