Have Your Payroll Checked with Paychex

Most companies employ e-services for employees to create their own account and check their payroll information. It is trouble relieving for human resources, permitting them to function more efficient. Convenient as it is, you know all you want is secure.  Paychex eServices suggest you a securer and lighter way to access your account and look thru information you want to know.

Have Your Payroll Checked Online Instructions
Several things worthy of noting before you use your login information to access an account are:

  1. Go to eservices.paychex.com and inject your Company ID (ex: 0455 N009).
  2. Enter your username, which is supposed to be the very first initial of your very first name and your entire last name in lower-case letters (ex: Anne Reese would be areese).
  3. For the very first time login, your default password would be the very first initial of your very first name and the first-ever initial of your last name plus the last four digits of your  Social Security number, all capitalized (ex: the password for Anne Reese with a social security # ***-**-1234 is AR1234).
  4. Click the Secure Login button and a box would pop up asking whether you would like to recall the password. Click Not Now and switch your password later.
  5. You come in the Employee Self Service site and you can view compensation, check history and any item on the left menu links.

About Paychex
Founded in 1971 and headquartered in Penfield, New York, Paychex, Inc. is a payroll, human resource and benefits outsourcing service company with more than 100 locations across the US. The company provides services including Payroll Services, Time and Labor Management, HR Administration & Compliance, 401(k) Employee Benefits, Group Health Insurance, and Paychex HR Solutions.

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