Great-West Life Assurance Group Retirement Service

What’s your plan for retirement? If you have not made one, do that and commit to it. Group Retirement Services can help you achieve the retirement lifestyle you envision if you take the time to set your goals.

Group Retirement Services Instructions
Is it clear for you when it comes to your employee retirement plan, asset allocation, your investment risk tolerance and the amount you need to contribute to your plan to retire and plan statement? If you need extra support, you can turn to Group Retirement Services.

You may need advice on following aspects to help you with the transition to retirement:

  • How much you can withdraw annually and still have funds left over
  • The types of products in which to put your retirement funds
  • What decisions you need to make at transition
  • The types of assets in which to put retirement funds
  • Retirement lifestyle planning
  • Whether you should consolidate funds with one institution
  • Which financial institution to use

Group Retirement Services offer:

  • Registered retirement savings plans
  • Registered pension plans (defined contribution)
  • Deferred profit sharing plans
  • Simplified pension plans (available in Quebec and Manitoba)
  • Non-registered savings plans
  • Tax-free saving accounts
  • Investment-only plans

Every biz situation is unique, you need to develop a plan as distinctive as your organization.

About Group Retirement Services
Great-West Life Group Retirement Services is provided by one of the largest life and health insurance organizations in Canada formed by Great-West Life and its subsidiaries, London Life and Canada Life, serving the financial needs of more than 12 million Canadians. It has over &33 billion assets under administration, more than 17,500 group retirement and savings plans administered and 1.3 million member accounts.

Go to Group Retirement Service at www.grsaccess.com

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