Great Getaway Deals from Hilton HHonors

Travelling is pleasant while motel stay maybe troublesome. Uncomfortable accommodation in an unacquainted spot very likely spoils your travelling enthusiasm. Fortunately, the Great Getaway deals from Hilton HHonors will ensure you a pleasing and agreeable journey, enabling you to access Hilton Top Ten motel brands in various styles and occasions at a favorable price.

Great Getaway Deals Instructions
As of March 28th, 2013, you are available to earn more points and miles thru participating in the Great Getaway deals as a member of Hilton HHornors. With these rewards, you may book an ideal motel to stay and fully love your trips.

Entering Great Getaway online and input any keyword concerning your trips such as destination, airport, address or attraction, arrival and departure dates, you may view all plans suitable for you. The “More Details” button enables you to further explore other offers. Clicking “Compare this offer” under some plan icons and navigating to “COMPARE”, you can make comparisons among the selected ones before final decisions are made.

Back to the homepage, you can sort out your travelling shelter by destination or offer. If you would like to visit Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East & Africa, you may save more with the Great Getaway.

Wherever your final destination is, you are most likely accessible to a few rewards.

  • Car Rental HHornors Bonus Points: HHornors Bonus Points are awarded for car rentals with HHonors Car Rental Marketing Partners. For detailed lists of the colleagues and the number of points, refer to here.
  • Double Dip Earning Style Options: Double Dip Earning Style Options are consisted of HHonors Points & Variable Miles, HHonors Points & Fixed Miles and Honors Points & HHonors Points. You may at the same time earn base points and miles with eligible U.S. bucks spent.
  • HHonors Amenities for all Members: Numerious services and benefits are available to members of HHonors. These amenities are suggested solely at the discretion of Hilton HHonors Worldwide.
  • Hilton HHonors Membership Tiers: Membership of the Hilton HHornors is mainly three tiers – Silver Elite, Gold Elite and Diamond Elite. With the accrual of your points, you may maintain your tier or stir to a higher level. Membership qualifies you for motel stays to varying degrees.
  • Event Planner Program – Hotels in the U.S. & Canada: Members who hold qualifying events at hotels within the Hilton Worldwide portfolio in the U.S. and Canada such as wedding receptions, family reunions or conferences are eligible to receive 1 HHonors Bonus Point per eligible U.S. buck spent on eligible charges for the event. For every event, a maximum of 100,000 HHonors Points can be earned. And the points will be posted to your HHonors account after six to eight weeks of the event.

If you have wielded sufficient points, you can redeem them for more motel stays when travelling in the future or doing other businesses. If you don’t have enough points, you are permitted to purchase them online or via written request, phone or e-mail to Hilton Reservations and Customer Care. For more information on the Great Getaway, view the Terms & Conditions.

If you are interested, just inject www.hiltongreatgetaways.com to practice it.

About Hilton Worldwide
Hilton Worldwide is a global hospitality company opening up across 90 countries with 10 brands. It was founded by Conrad Hilton in 1919. The first-ever motel to carry the Hilton name was opened in 1925. Hilton is wielded by the Blackstone Group. It is ranked the 38th of the largest American private companies in Forbes and the largest full-service motel brand in the world. Christopher J. Nassetta is President and CEO of Hilton. In 2009, the company moved its headquarter from Beverly Hills, California to Tysons Corner, Virginia.

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