Get What You Really Like with O2 More Service

O2 More service is designed to bring you right stuff that you indeed like. It connects you to other good companies, offers and information you are into by sending them to you by text, MMS or Email. Want to get the latest discount news from your fave shops? Wonder if there any fine offers you desire? Go to O2 More site and register to take the service to keep informed with all the superb offers you are interested in.

O2 More Service Instructions
O2 More is a service first-ever announced by O2 since 2009. As O2’s Managing Director said at that time, O2 More is all about providing their customers discounts, special offers and freebies for things they like. Based on your interest, O2 More service is to send messages and information about the offers you would love to know during regular work hours from 8am to 6pm. This service is open to all on O2 except the Corporate customers. All you need to do is to register your details and choose the things interest you at the site. If you have already got an account for blueroom or have already registered for O2 More or Priority, you can directly log into your account to select your interests for O2 More.

You can make switches to your interests as often as you like, and your switches would come into force no more than 3 days. If you, by any chance, do not want the O2 More service any more, you can text Stop to 20503 to opt out and it would not affect you receiving other messages.

Step by Step Guide for O2 More Service
Want to get All kinds of offers and promotions including discounts, limited offers, money off, free trailers and more? Take act right now! It’s rather quick to register for O2 More. To get O2 More services, you will need to go after the steps as below:

  1. Visit www.o2more.co.uk and inject your mobile number.
  2. A PIN code would be sent to you as a free text to the O2 mobile number you just gave.
  3. Enter the PIN code.
  4. Then give more detailed information about yourself and pack out the required fields.
  5. Then create your account with a password.
  6. Log in and tick all the “opt in” box confirm what you like and want, then submit.

After all the steps above have been taken, you will be sent messages about things you are interested in very soon. If you got any questions, you can refer to the FAQ link listed below.

About O2
As a leading communication company in the UK, O2 was founded in 1983 and has been providing telecommunications, Internet, and financial services for about 30 years. It is possessed by Telefonica and headquartered in Slough. Ranked as the 2nd largest provider of mobile telecommunications in the UK, O2 has more than 10 thousand employees and its revenue reach 2.973 billion at the year of 2010.

Ready  for O2 more? Go to www.o2more.co.uk to get the benefits you like!

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