Get Professional Payroll Services from Paycheck Plus

For the accumulation of wealth, managing your income well which seems to be a complicated headache plays the same significant role as doing a nicer job. With the help of Paycheck Plus, you can find a clear clue about your salaries, even however you get a few jobs at the same time, within a few convenient steps online.

Get Professional Payroll Service from Paycheck Plus Introduction
When you receive the Paycheck Plus card as your pay card firstly, the balance is $0 before your employer puts your very first cheque on the card. Get the envelope open and peel down the card, and then you can find the PIN and PASSCODE numbers under the card. Remember them clearly in your mind sans writing them down on your card or telling others to keep your account secured. You can also write them down in a safe place in case you leave behind them. Additionally, you need to pack out the application form and give it to your supervisor.

You can use this card to get cash from ATM and make purchase at stores, gas stations and markets with your PIN code entered. The available brands are printed on the back of your card. You don’t need to worry about the overdraft fee for this card cannot be overdrawn. With the password numbers, you can check your balance online or call 1-800-578-2966.

How to check the account online

  1. Visit the Paycheck Plus Log in link at www.paychekplus.com.
  2. If you are a fresh comer, inject your 16-digit card number to set up your account online and click on “Enter”
  3. If you are a returning card owner,  inject your account number and password, and click on “Login” to access your account
  4. Follow the introductions, come in your information and check your payroll status online

About Paycheck Plus
Paycheck Plus is a payroll outsource company founded by Anne Reilly who is the managing director with more then 20 years payroll experience. Paycheck Plus provides payroll services not only for employees. Business companies can also love its services such as SMF payroll service, improvised payroll services and casual payroll services.

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