Get Familiar with Staff Services and Welfare of Overwartea Food Group

Working is an indispensable part of one’s life, so fully understanding the employment information and resources related to oneself in the enterprise is immensely essential. And now, for those who are working for or sensing like participating in Overwartea Food Group, there is a shortcut to entirely learn these things of it. That is OFG (Overwartea Food Group) Teamsite. It offers vast information on payroll, benefits and career development of OFG. Meanwhile, it provides plentiful instruments and resources, assisting the team members to work better.

OFG Teamsite Instructions
OFG Teamsite is a convenient site for those who are working or would like to join in OFG. It boasts vast employment information about team member services and welfare packages inclusive of payroll, bonus, pension, work hours, working atmosphere, training, educational programs and career development.

Logging in the website, selecting the “team member services” column off the hook to OFG employees and coming in the team member ID and password, you can downright understand the details of payroll & benefits, learning programs, team member poll and other parts related to you. In the section of “payroll & benefits”, you can check your own salary and benefits information, directly mastering self-performance. In “learning part”, you are able to access training materials and courses for keeping learning on schedule all along. In the “team member poll”, you can speak aloud, anonymously or not, and acquire other members’ opinions.

Navigating to “career opportunities” column, you can generally know some advancement positions designed to both existing employees and outward applicants. Besides, “career planning tools” and “education reimbursement” options will enable you to learn five methods for careers planning and reimbursement information for its employees’ education respectively.

Clicking the “team member wellness” button in the navigation bar, you may get quantities of materials and resources about OFG well-planned sport packages for its staff. There are mainly five options in this column. “health services” option mainly supply OFG clinics, assisting its employees to conduct medication selection, health testing or assessment and vaccination injection and pharmacists, answering their wellness-related questions. In nutrition part, you may consult pro nutritionists to keep a healthier diet. Besides, “get active” and “do you know” provide numerous useful essays and links for the personnel to know more sport mastery and live more satisfied with their dependents. The “turning point” part introduces one beneficial program organized by OFG. At the bottom of the web page, there are four buttons: “health newsletter”, “ask our nutritionists”, “my health tool” and “ask our pharmacists” and you can lightly get available information and suggestions thru them.

If you would like to get  more detailed messages and information, please constantly log in www.myofgteamsite.com as fresh materials and resources will be updated continually and aperiodically on this website.

About OFG
OFG (Overwartea Food Group), established in March 1915, is Canada’s largest western-based food store chain. Its very first store is located in Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC. Since its establishment, OFG is keeping its mission “always customer first” all the time. Today, OFG possesses 120 stores, pridefully sticking to its values of service, people, innovation, joy and integrity.

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