Get Discounted Rates for Your Phone

Unlimited UK calls, texts, data for only £20; transfer credit to your family’s and friend’s phone anywhere in the world; 1GB data for just £5. All these generous offers can be found at vectonemobile.co.uk.

Get Discounted Rates for Your Phone Instructions
Vectone provides you with many choices of rates and bundles for your mobile phones. Visit the site and choose a service that match your needs.

  • You can get free SIM, free SIM & credit, nano SIM for only £1 and learn details about rates, bundles and much more. Put your cursor on the “Pay As You Go” button on the bar and choose the service you want.
  • Take buying free SIM as an example. Click “Free SIM” and pack in your individual information. They will send your SIM with 2-3 working days. Repeat the above steps if you want to buy free SIM with credit or nano SIM for £1.
  • Top up is easy. Click “Top Up” button in the “Pay As You Go” category. There are three ways to top up: top up online to commence saving money immediately, top up over the phone and top up at the shops. Choose one way you like. By clicking the “Top Up” button on the bar, you can also top up online, which is the easiest way.
  • In the “Pay Monthly” category, you will see many payment plans. Browse and choose the one you are interested. Click “SELECT PLAN” to pack in your intimate details, payment details and confirm your order. Then you can love your fresh services.
  • “Mobile Phones” offers you many phones with incredible value. Click “MORE INFO” button to learn details and “BUY NOW” button to buy and select your monthly payment plan.

In the Joining Bonus Section on the homepage, you can get up to £15 free credit when you bring your existing number to Vectone. Click here for more details.

In case you get into any problems when you browse the website, there is “Help” button on the top right. The help center offers you some useful suggestions and instructions. You can also visit FAQ to search answers.

Come to www.vectonemobile.co.uk and call your friends sans worrying about unaffordable costs.

About Vectone Mobile 
Vectone Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator launched in September 2009. It provides services in UK and Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Portugal and Sweden. They suggest free calls and texts to other Vectone Mobiles, mobile internet and free international calls.

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