Get Better Discounts With Delta Certificates, eCredits or eGifts

With the help of various kinds of Certificate, eCredit and eGift  introduced by Delta Air Lines, customers are able to get nicer price for their itineraries while love the first-rate service at the same time. Now, make a specific travel plan and love your biz journey or vacation with family members in a handy and eased mood!

Redeem Delta Certificates, eCredits or eGifts Guide
Delta Air Lines has deals & offers ready for its customers. Like Certificates, eCredits or eGifts, they are either printed on paper or sent to you electronically. You can get a rational discount by redeeming one or numerous Certificates, eCredits or eGifts if the Terms and Conditions permit.

You can redeem one Certificate, eCredit or eGift with the following steps:

  1. Click on www.delta.com/redeem
  2. Enter the certificate number and click on “CONTINUE”
  3. Eligible flights will be displayed as “Certificate applied” among all your flight options

You can also redeem numerous Certificates, eCredits or eGifts:

  1. Visit the link in Reference Link 2
  2. Enter your SkyMiles Number and the Password or PIN; or you can come in all the Certificate Numbers applicable
  3. Select and book for eligible flights

Different from the vouchers of Delta, Certificates, eCredits and eGifts have no expiration date. Make sure you refer to Reference Link 3 and 4 to learn more about the offers before redemption.

About Delta Air Lines
Delta is a major American airline. It is the oldest airline which is still in operation in the United States. Operating over 5,000 flights covering itineraries in all continents except Antarctica, it is one of the four founding members of the SkyTeam airline alliance. Delta Air Lines has Skymiles as its frequent flyer program.

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