Get a Free Cell Phone & Minutes with SafeLink Wireless

Want to take telephone service but be beset with poverty and low-incomes? The Free Cell Phone & Minutes Program provided by SafeLink Wireless will help you out.  As a public assistance program, it is designed to ensure that telephone service is available and affordable for low-income subscribers.  You will get your free cell phone and free monthly minutes only if you are qualified.

SafeLink The Free Cell Phone & Minutes Program Instructions
To get all the benefits, you need to be qualified for the program at first. The rules vary with different states. Generally, you may qualify if you meet the following points:

  1. You have already participated in some State or Federal assistance programs such as Federal Public Housing Assistance, Food Stamps and Medicaid. Or your total household income is at or below of the poverty guidelines set by your State and/or the Federal Government.
  2. No one in your household presently receives Lifeline Service thru another phone carrier.
  3. You have a valid United States Postal Address. In order to get your free phone shipped, you must live at a residence that can receive mail from the US Post Office or have a valid P.O. Box.

Besides, you also need to know some requirements:

  1. The service are limited to one per household and make Lifeline support available for wireless phones.
  2. The service is non-transferable.
  3. You are required to provide proof of your participation in an assistance program, or proof of your income level to get benefits.

For more information, view the Terms & Conditions via Reference Link 1 in the bottom of the post.

SafeLink Wireless Free Cell Phones & Minutes Programs Login & Enrollment
As an eligible one, you have a chance to take home a free cell phone and love 1,000 texts & 250 minutes in no extra costs. If you are a fresh member or a returning one who have been de-enrolled for over 90 days, you can also get 500 bonus minutes for the very first 3 months. Enrollment is quick and simple.

  1. Pay a visit to www.safelink.com and hit the “CLICK HERE” button suppose that you are an existing customer and need to accomplish the enrollment or re-certify.
  2. Choose to send documents or proceed service. Follow the prompts to finish the entire process with your enrollment number, date of birth, last four digits of your social security number, zip code and so forth.
  3. If you are a fresh customer, inject your zip code and click “GO” at the homepage to get started. Please note that the service may not be available in some states.
  4. Orderly type your legal last name, date of birth and last four digits of your SSN. Enter the code shown and hit the button marked “Click here to apply”.
  5. Follow the instructions to finish your application.

About LifeLine Service
Lifeline is a federal program created by the Reagan era Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 1984, which is designed to ensure that quality telecommunications services are available to low-income customers at just, reasonable, and affordable rates. SafeLink Wireless is the approved provider of the Government’s Lifeline support program, that is, the Free Cell Phone & Minutes Program.

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