GameStop PowerUp Rewards Card Activation

Ready to activate your GameStop PowerUp prizes card? This is a program with which you can get invitation to member-only events, advance notice of sales, promotions and other offers. Show your card when you make a purchase at GameStop to score points for each game and system you trade in. With certain amount of points, you can choose a diversity of prizes like the latest games, consoles and accessories.

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GameStop PowerUp Rewards Card Activation Process Guide
There are 4 elementary steps for you to finish the activation process at poweruprewards.com/activate:

  1. Create an account online if you don’t have a GameStop.com account. You will just need to inject your email address and create a password. If you already have an existing GameStop.com account, then there’s no need to create an account. You can click the crimson log in & proceed button to proceed activation.
  2. Activate your fresh card by injecting the card number on the back of your card. And you’ll receive +250 PowerUp points.
  3. Choose your contact preferences.
  4. Confirmation. There will be a confirmation link sent to your email. Click to confirm.

How to get a GameStop PowerUp Rewards card:
There are 2 kinds of prizes card.

  • Basic membership card, an annual membership free of charge. You can score your PowerUp points with it and get access to off the hook offers, news and events. You can get it be signing up at a participating GameStop store and choosing PowerUp Rewards for free. 
  • Pro membership card. You can get this card by signing up at a participating store and chooosing a PowerUp Rewards PRO for $14.99. With this card, you can score even more points and get access to sensational offers, news and events. In addition, you will get special bonus privileges including a welcome coupon that can score you a free game upon completion of online activation. What’s more, 10% discounts on all pre-owned game and accessories purchases, 1 year of Game Informer magazine, and some other benefits, which you can look up on the GameStop website.

Don’t leave behind to display your card every time you purchase or trade in the store and every time you buy on GameStop.com.

Enjoy the Latest Rewards
GameStop will provide customers various promotions and prizes information including steal of the week, hot catalog item, best sellers, and newest prizes ect, on its PowerUp Rewards official site listed below in the

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