Free Government Cell Phones in New York

New York city is part of SafeLink wireless Lifeline government free cell phone coverage maps. As one of the 26 states available for SafeLink services, you can check the free cell phones eligibility and whether you are able to get one.

John, lived in Bronx, N.Y., has successfully applied a free government cell phone from Tracfone. Virgin Mobile also announced Assurance Wireless program in the last month of year 2009, a government buttressed program to suggest free wireless phones and free minutes of wireless voice service to eligible customers each month.

For major cell phone companies, like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint, they all joined Lifeline program, but they mainly suggest discounted, not free services. You may need to call them to figure out whether they also provides free government cell phones and minutes in your region.

Then here is the solutions for New York people to look for free government cell phones:

  1. Contact SafeLink Wireless
  2. Reach ReachOut Wireless
  3. Check with Assurance Wireless
  4. Talk to Verizo

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