Florida Unemployment Compensation Appeals Program

You can file a fresh appeal of a Florida unemployment compensation (UC) claim and view the status of your case after your appeal is filed. When you finish an appeal, you will receive a confirmation number, which is very significant as the evidence of filing, print it or write it down. You can also update your contact information for a telephone hearing when your appeal is confirmed.

Florida Unemployment Compensation Appeals
There are 6 things you can do with Florida Unemployment Compensation Appeals Program:

  • File a fresh appeal regarding a Florida remployment assistance (RA) claim;
  • View the status of your case after an appeal is filed;
  • Update your contact information for a telephone hearing;
  • Request re-hearing if you missed your hearing for a good reason;
  • Learn how to have your case reviewed by the Reemployment Assistance Appeals Commission if you do not agree with the hearing officer’s decision; and
  • Learn about other options that may be available.

You may request a postponement if there is a compelling reason why you cannot participate as scheduled. The request can be made in writing before the hearing or on the record during the hearing. Include the reason you cannot participate and what, if any, attempts you made to re-arrange your schedule so you could participate. The referee will let you know if the request is granted. If a reply is not received, assume the request was denied. Be available for the hearing and prepped to introduce your case.

If you think your question can not be answered at website, send a mail to: Employer Protest Unit; P.O. Drawer 5250, Tallahassee, FL 32314-5250 or fax them at UC Reconsideration Unit; PO Drawer 5550; Tallahassee, FL 32314-5550; Fax (850) 921-3939 or (850) 921-3915. What is more, you can learn how your filing is reviewed by the Florida Unemployment Appeals Commission at www.FluidNow.com/Appeals. If you are not sure when is the right time to apply for Florida unemployment compensation, take a look at www.fluidnow.com/claimweeks.

Now www.FluidNow.com/Appeals is moved to www.floridajobs.org/appeals/. The site is available from Monday thru Saturday from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM and on Sunday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Eastern time.

About Florida Unemployment Compensation Appeal
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