Five secrets to a perfect wedding

For key participants in the events — bride and groom — a time of stress and anxiety. Important is to choose the place and time, guest list and possible financial problems. Here are guidelines to help make this important event without the unnecessary worries and unnecessary effort. The main thing is to try to read them in advance, when there is still time.

The format of the wedding

At the beginning of the planning it is important to articulate: what type of holiday you want. It may be a quiet evening with the closest high Jinks with an invitation to all friends, relatives or wedding away in another country. Each option will require some preparation and investment efforts.

Leading to the wedding

This person will be the main assistant at the festival and will provide employment and dedication of the guests. Leading can be called the oxygen of the event. It creates the movement desired emotions from the participants and ensures that everyone present feel comfortable.


With him it is important to determine not to go beyond. It is rather difficult time. When it comes to such an important occasion, it is not easy to resist the desire to do everything at the highest level, even if it is unaffordable financially. To collect debts, credits — a dangerous and slippery slope. And therefore it is better to rely on the money that you are willing to invest a day of celebration and no debt. It is important for psychological comfort. The risky way is to rely on the generosity of the guests, which will help to compensate for the losses. As practice shows — it is better to rely entirely on its own.

The opinions of others

It so happened that almost every future guest, especially close relative, has an opinion about how should look the perfect wedding. But this opinion should not worry about the future wife and husband. A wedding is primarily a celebration of the couple and to the phrase than mere rhetorical figure, try to disconnect from external influences and take only those decisions that resonate with you.

Excessive perfectionism

At the wedding, the couple sometimes meet with intense individuals who carefully monitor the situation and relax for a minute. This is understandable — you want everything to be perfect. But to control the situation — the path to the loss of the sense of occurring holiday. Let other people do that. And you get the joy of the moment and full of light-heartedness!

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