First Premier Bank Credit Card Application

Life will become more colorific with a suitable credit card. It can help you manage your financial account lightly and conveniently while enable you to have a good credit record which is significant for your individual finance. Now, First Premier Bank provides a few choices for you to select. Apply now and love your card at anywhere MasterCard is available!

First Premier Bank Credit Card Application Guide
First Premier Bank is providing altogether six kinds of credit cards, including the Platinum Credit Card, three types of Bank Credit Card with different purchase APR and two types of Bank Secured Credit Card with different annual fees and purchase APR. You can check the card information at the links listed below and apply the best one for you.

How to apply for First Premier Bank Credit Card Online:

  1. Visit the application link at www.platinumoffer.com
  2. Locate the confirmation number from your mailing compared with the picture on the website
  3. Enter the confirmation number
  4. Click on “APPLY NOW”
  5. Complete necessary information and ensue the instructions to conclude the process

If you haven’t got the confirmation number, you can:

  1. click on the word “here”  below the “APPLY NOW”
  2. Provide your intimate information including name, address, zip code, date of birth and social security number ect
  3. Click on “CONTINUE” to proceed
  4. Review your offer
  5. Complete and review your appliaction
  6. Complete your instant response

About First Premier Bank
First Premier Bank is famous for issuing a broad range of subprime credit cards to people who have “less than perfect” credit. It is one of the largest issuer of Visa and MasterCard brand credit cards headquartered in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, America. It provide various selections of credit cards for customers to apply.

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