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Do you have the drive and ambition to get larger your career fast? Can you achieve what others can only aspire to? Here is the chance that makes you sense good about yourself and realizes your dream. Aldi needs staff like you.

Find Jobs in Aldi Instructions
As one of the world’s leading grocery retailers, Aldi always believes that excellent staff guarantee the healthy development of the company. With the leading salary, competitive working atmosphere, pro training and fabulous prospects, Aldi provides you a precious chance to join them.

Aldi are looking for outstanding graduates, so if you just graduate from college, please pay attention.

  • Look at the Aldi Graduate Section on the homepage and click the “GRADUATE CAREERS” button.
  • Click the “The Rewards” on the bar and learn what can you get form Aldi. You can receive £40k as a starter, pro training, progression and fabulous prospects.
  • Before sending in your application, you need to think about whether you want to work at retail industry; whether Aldi is the right company you want to work for; whether you have enough energy and ambition to fit the job challenge facing you.
  • The graduate training programme is different. It permits you know retail industry deeply and covers every part of management.
  • If you determine to apply for the job in Aldi, click “Apply Online” on the bar. Before packing your application, you need to make sure you have at least 2:1 degree or equivalent, utter UK driving id and the permission to work within the UK. You can proceed your application only if you meet the above criteria. Click “Next” to finish your application. You can also proceed your existing application with your email and password.

Aldi provides many job opportunities for you. Click the “STORES” or “DISTRIBUTION” in Aldi Opportunities Section. You will find many jobs such as store manager, assistant store manager and store assistant.  Hit FAQs if you get into any trouble.

Join Aldi retail placement scheme to build up valuable working practice and get further advancement onto the management scheme. The retail placement is actually a nine-month course, which concludes with a final project set by your regional director. Only with your own car, a total driving licence and a valid UK work permit, you can have the qualification to apply for the scheme. Of course, you can get your return. Click what you can hope in return to find out.

If you flash the enthusiasm for joining the Aldi Apprentice Scheme, you have the chance to learn more about the biz and yourself. With mind-blowing salary and valuable useful skills, you will love the scheme. Please click “College Registration Details” on the bar, and click on the map to find a list of colleges in your area. Hit the email link for your local school on the map and tell them you are interested in the Aldi Scheme. Watch the video to hear how Emma and Josh have progressed since joining the team.

Visit aldirecruitment.co.uk to learn more about retail industry and find out the best job for you.

About Aldi 
As a global discount supermarket chain, Aldi has became the most in demand supermarket in Germany. The chain is made up of two separate groups, Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd. Aldi is one of the fastest-growing, dynamic companies in the UK today. According to a survey conducted in 2002 by the German market research institute Forsa, 95% of blue-collar workers, 88% of white-collar wokers, 84% of public sevants, and 80% of self-employed Germans shop at Aldi.

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