Find a Job or an Employee in Texas

It is hard to define whether a person is lucky or not because many factors could influence your judgement. Among these factors, career must be a key indicator. No matter a women or a man, it is significant to have a good and healthy career for it will affect your life quality. Meanwhile, employee also means a lot to companies. So putting people into the right position is very important. WorkInTexas.com provides a platform to match qualified job seekers with potential job opportunities.

Find a Job or an Employee in Texas Instructions
If you are in Texas, seeking a job or qualified employee, there is an effortless way to help you. WorkInTexas.com can help you find a job or an employee quickly.

As a job seeker, you can search jobs by suggesting your requirements. Besides, WorkInTexas.com helps you build a resume and provides access to career tools.

  • Click on “Job Seeker Registration” button on the homepage.
  • Register an account. You need to pack in your intimate and logon information. Hit “Next” button to continue.
  • If you are filing for unemployment insurance benefits or participating in another special program facilitated by Texas Workforce, please provide your Social Security Number or it will result in delay or denial of your benefits.
  • Click the proceed registration button to finish the steps for work registration. After you finish work registration, grind your resume for presentation to potential employers. Once your resume is complete, inject extra match criteria to improve your chance for obtaining a suitable job.
  • You can also search jobs by injecting your requirements. Click on “Search All Jobs” on the homepage and inject text into the required field. All the job which matches your criteria will be shown on a list. By clicking on the job title, you can view the detailed information about the job and contact the company if necessary.

As an employer, you can post job online to seek qualified employee for free.

  • Click on “Employer Registration” button on the homepage.
  • You need to have a valid TWC Tax Account Number or FEIN related to a valid TWC Tax Account Number to self-register. Enter the information into the field and click on “Next” button to continue.
  • Follow the prompts to create your account.
  • After creating your account, you can search resumes by hitting the “Search All Resumes” button on the homepage.
  • Type your requirement into the field. All the resumes title are shown on the screen with their occupations and experiences.
  • Click on the resume you are interested and view the details of his resume including career objectives, summary of qualifications, work history, education, computer skill, language abilities and much more.
  • You can contact the person if you are interested in him.

www.workintexas.com also provides career tools, recruitment instruments and other services to help users. Explore the site by yourself if you need. The FAQs link in

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