File Claims Online to Get Your Property Back

One fourth Texans have unclaimed property in their forgotten bank account and those forgotten pennies formed a large amount of $3 billion unclaimed money and almost $800 million that has been partly claimed. How to get them back? Just go after the instructions below and earn your money back.

How to File Claims to Get Your Property Back
Claimittexas hopes that you can make total use of every penny which belongs to you and don’t let them lay in your forgotten bank account. You need to do five steps to get your money back including “search”, “Select”, “Verify”, “Enter Information” and eventually “Claim It”. Now let’s begin the first-ever step of searching how much money have you left in your account:

  1. Visit www.claimittexas.org.
  2. Click on the blue “Search Unclaimed Property” button located in the middle on your screen.
  3. Search for unclaimed property in the first-ever place. You need to inject your last name or your biz name, and the very first name.
  4. Select answers for the following questions including how you heard about the information, and inject your zip code.
  5. Click on the yellow “Search” button to proceed the process.

About Claimittexas
Claimittexas is the official site for the Texans who have unclaimed property in the bank to get their money back and make total use of it.

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