Fifth Third Bank Identity Theft Protection Solution Protect Your Wealth

Identity and credit are enormously significant in daily and biz life, so the identity thief tends to steal your intimate identifying information to commit fraud and make illegal profit, wrecking your interests and individual reputation. These nuisances can make for innumerable restless days and nights. Fortunately, Fifth Third Identity Theft Protection offers you advanced systems and proactive solutions, providing you and your family the peace of mind.

Identity Theft Protection Instructions
Identity Theft Protection program of Fifth Third Bank protects your identity and credit thru daily credit monitoring, credit reports & scores and identity theft insurance.

Entering Identity Theft Online and clicking the “Member Login” button, you can register for a username, activate your account and log in.

In the homepage, two plans of the program are introduced to you. Identity Alert plan helps keep your private information safe and protect you from the major types of identity theft while Identity Alert Premium can enhance your credit monitoring as well as your family’s credit security. Clicking “Details” underneath either plan, you are available to view detailed information on benefits, price, enrollment ways and product demos.

Pressing “Compare” in the navigation bar, you are permitted to compare these two plans in benefits and pricing in order to make a favorable decision.

Go back to the details page of your selected plan and hit “Apply Now” to make a purchase. Your credit monitoring will be active upon your enrollment. Notably, you must decently accomplish and submit the information form in materials of any plan to receive your credit report and other credit benefits. If you would like to seek Fifth Third Branches and ATM locators or other services, you can make it at the same page. Click “Branch Locator” to locate your target site and press “Checking Accounts” to view other programs. In checking accounts parts, you may refer to five plans regarding investment, annuity and brokerage. you can learn more about these services thru getting personalized recommendations, making comparisons and watching instructional videos.

If you have fallen victim to Identity Theft, there is still an chance to recover your good name. Go back to the homepage and navigate to “Identity Recovery Assistance”. The program will suggest you reassurance with fully-managed identity recovery support. The dedicated specialists will guide you thru the process of repairing the harm to your credit.

Supposing that you are not familiar with Identity Theft, you can head to “Identity Theft Education” to learn about theft reports and thieves’ ways to steal.

If you intend to learn more about these plans and apply for them, go to www.53.com/idalert.

About Fifth Third Bank
Fifth Third Bank, founded in 1858, is a regional bank and the principal subsidiary of Fifth Third Bancorp in the United States. Its headquarter is in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1927, the Fifth Third Bank and The Union Trust Company consolidated to become The Fifth Third Union Trust Company. It provides various financial services and products such as individual banking, biz banking, commercial banking and loan programs. Today, it boasts $111 billion in assets, 15 affiliates and 1316 full-service Banking Centers.

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