Fidelity 1-Second Trade Execution Guarantee Secure Your Investment

Not all financial providers can suggest swift and convenient services. Sometimes, it is indeed frustrated when your requests are delayed and it is urgent for efficient financial services. To solve this problem, you can resort to Fidelity Investments whether you’re fresh to investing or you trade often. Fidelity 1-second trade execution ensure provides a swift trade execution for customers at a reasonable price.

Fidelity 1-Second Trade Execution Guarantee Instructions
Fidelity Investments is a leading provider of investment management, brokerage, and many other financial products and services. It offers low rates, exceptional service, and powerful research for investors. Pay just $7.95 for online equity trades and you can access to a broad range of investments and get dedicated support and advanced contraptions to satiate your complicated trading demands. You can have your qualifying market orders on the S&P 500 executed at National Best Bid or Offer (NBBO) in 1 2nd or less in Fidelity. The 1-second Trade Execution Guarantee works as following steps.

  1. Customers come in an order.
  2. The order is accepted and routed by Fidelity.
  3. Market center acknowledges receipt of the order.
  4. Market center executes the order.
  5. Customers receive the displayed execution report.

As for reports from market center, it is not uncommon to be delayed before reaching customers albeit the order has been handled. To take advantage of Fidelity 1-second Trade Execution Guarantee, customers orders must sate a few requirements.

  • The orders must be market ones to buy, sell, or buy-to-cover stocks formulated in the S&P 500 Index.
  • Share quantities are 1 to 1,000 shares and the orders should be entered inbetween 9:45 am and 3:59 pm ET. If there are special cases, adjustment will be accordingly made.
  • Fidelity.com, Fidelity Active Trader Pro, FAST, acceptable wireless devices, and Fidelity representative all provide entry for eligible orders.

Instead, there are orders excluded from Fidelity 1-second Trade Execution Guarantee, such as  short sell order, orders routed for execution during system or communication problems and so on. Other information like the offers, advanced trading, investment and services are available to you at 1-second Trade Execution Guarantee page. You can click “Open a Brokerage Account” and come in the key information to open an account with Fidelity. If you have any question, refer to FAQs, call 800-353-4881 or contact a representative instantly. The vid on the site will help you learn more about the trade process.

Get more financial services at www.fidelity.com/onesecond.

About Fidelity Investments
Fidelity Investments is one of the largest and the most diversified  financial service providers in the world. It was founded in 1946 with headquarter located in Boston, Massachusetts, US. For more than 60 years, Fidelity has been dedicated to continuously improving customer and customer service excellence and grown to maintain over $3.5 trillion assets under administration, $1.6 trillion managed assets included. With more than 41,000 employees, the company has served North American investors, suggesting a total range of products & solutions to more than 20 million individuals and institutions.

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