FCBanking Your Financial Partner in Pennsylvania

If you live in Pennsylvania and attempt to find optimal solutions to private banking, biz banking or corporate banking, Fist Commonwealth is committed to serve your financial needs with the best possible financial plans.  First Commonwealth provides online and mobile banking, greater ATM access wherever you are, and an copious network of community offices across western and central Pennsylvania.

Your Financial Partner in Pennsylvania Instructions
It’s always about financing. From the time you were born till the moment you pass away, you can’t escape financial plans for you and your family. There’s a diverse financial world out there that may confuse you and even lead you to making inappropriate purchases. So while your are caught choosing among financial services, it is advisable to stop rushing into a decision and indeed think about what you do need for a while, make a detailed comparison and make your final decision. First Commonwealth is by all means the bank among one of your many choices.

First Commonwealth categorize its services into banking & loans, insurance, wealth management, planning & implements at www.fcbanking.com. You can use its online calculators to generate the result. To perform any online banking business, you need to log in or register user ID by clicking the Login button on the top right. Under each category on the main menu are the relevant services. For example, if you want to pay your bills online, and since bill pay belongs to online banking under the intimate banking category, all you need to do are:

  1. Point your cursor on banking & Loans and hit Personal Banking.
  2. Find the Checking column out of the four columns and scroll down to Online Banking and click.
  3. Hit the red get started link . If you have doubts, click on the crimson FAQ sheet link.
  4. If you didn’t log in, the page goes to the login site where you come in you user name and password. Choose Pay Bills from the drop down list and click the box below to choose whether you want to make this page your default destination page. Hit Login.
  5. If you don’t have a online banking, click the crimson link on the login site to enroll by coming in your account number and the last four digits of your Social Security Number.

First Commonwealth promotes a home improvement loan, free medicare seminars and commercial and industrial equipment loan offer. Each school year, First Commonwealth awards 20 students $1,000 “Time to be First” Scholarships to area high school senior athletes. The scholarships are awarded, in partnership with WPIAL, to those student athletes who best describe why it is their time to be very first in academics, athletics and community.

About First Commonwealth
First Commonwealth Financial Corporation is a community bank headquartered in Indiana, PA and operates via 15 counties in western and central Pennsylvania, providing financial services to communities as the fifth largest bank in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area.

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