Enjoy Macy’s Online Bill Pay Benefits

Got a Macy’s card? Would you prefer Macy’s Online Bill Pay to other payment options? Have you ever run into trouble when you pay the Macy’s Store card or Macy’s American Express card online? Knowing what Macy’s Online Bill Pay has to suggest and what you should be aware of when you use the service will undoubtedly facilitate your payment process.

Macy’s Online Bill Pay Instructions
Before you get started, you should know that a Macy’s online account is needed for online bill pay. This service is totally free. Your Macy’s Store card or Macy’s American Express card must be saved to your online account in order to use this service. Payments must be made using a checking account from a bank within the U.S.

Macy’s Online Bill Pay permits you to make a one-time payment or automatic payments, which means you can either schedule single payment to your Macy’s Store card or Macy’s American Express card account or schedule a recurring payment that will be applied to your account each month you have a minimum payment due.

To use this service, visit www.macys.com/paybill and log in using your email and password. Click on the “make a payment” or “get started” to access this quick, effortless and convenient online bill pay. You are able to view up to 6 months of your payment history but your mailed-in payments will not be reflected on your online account.

Paying your Macy’s MyCheckFree.com to facilitate its customers’ payment.

You can access more payments FAQ thru Reference Link 2.

Make sure you make your payments before due date. If Macy’s Online Bill Pay doesn’t work for you, attempt other payment options listed on its page to avoid the late charge and hurting your credit history. Call credit customer service at 1-877-493-9207 if your problems still there. You can call 1-888-431-6229 to pay your bill by phone. It is suggested that you print bill pay confirmation page as your payment proof so that your rights will be nicer protected.

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About Macy’s
Macy’s store is a department store holding company and proprietor of Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s department stores. Macy’s stores specialize mostly in the retail sale of clothing, cosmetics, jewellery, watches, bedding and bath, dinnerware, and furniture. Established in 1858, Macy’s is the Great American Department Store – an iconic retail brand with over 800 stores across the country and online at macys.com.

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