Enjoy Delta SkyMiles Check Cards from SunTrust Bank

Loyalty program is usually a factor to retain customers by sharing certain benefits in one way or another. Delta thus promotes its SkyMiles Check Card program, making travel most rewarding with a host of supreme benefits. Once you enroll in the program, you can have the chance to fly with Delta and redeem your miles on your time frame. Delta SkyMiles Check Cards Can Take You Further.

Delta SkyMiles Check Cards Take You Further Instructions
Delta SkyMiles Check Cards can be divided into two categories, Delta SkyMiles World Check Card for intimate use and Delta SkyMiles Business Check Card for biz use. With Delta SkyMiles Check Cards, you can earn 5,000 bonus miles when you make your first-ever purchase for both biz use and intimate use and the number of miles you can earn won’t be limited.

But Delta SkyMiles World Check Card and Delta SkyMiles Business Check Card indeed have some differences.

  • World Check Card
    1. Earn miles for daily purchases like gas and groceries and on both PIN Point of Sale and signature-based purchases.
    2. Earn 1 mile for every $1 spent on daily purchases and 2 miles for every $1 on direct Delta purchases such as flights, Delta Sky Club access and in-flight desserts and films.
  • Business Check Card
    1. Earn miles for your biz purchases.
    2. Earn 1 mile for every $2 spent on daily purchases and 1 mile for every $1 used for direct Delta purchases like flights, Delta Sky Club access and in-flight desserts and films.

With your earned miles you can book a flight on Delta, SkyTeam Global Alliance Partners and other SkyMiles colleagues and your miles travelling toward Award Travel can be applied to over 450 destinations worldwide. Besides, you can shop with miles, donate miles to Delta participating charities and join in supporting those worthwhile organizations.

As for signing up for Delta SkyMiles Check Card, you can access to three ways.

  1. Online. You can visit SunTrust site for personal checking and biz checking. Follow the guidance to finish signing up for checking account.
  2. Call. If you want to sign up for the World Check Card via phone, please call 877-809-5248. If you want to sign up for the Business Check Card, call 888-454-0611.
  3. Locate. You can choose to sign up in person. Enter your zip code at the sign up page and you can find the branch nearest you.

Enrolling in SkyMiles and you can love more benefits. SkyMiles Check Card Details and Terms & Conditions are provided for more details. If you stumble across any problem, you can reach a SunTrust representative at 800-752-2515 or send an email for assistance.

Start earn your miles at www.delta.com/suntrust.

About Delta Airlines
Delta Air Lines, Inc, a major American airline with headquarter in Atlanta, Georgia, US, serves more than 160 million customers every year. It was founded in May 30, 1924 as Huff Daland Dusters and has grown to be one of the largest global airlines in the world. Delta flies to over 350 destinations thru 6 continents with operation of more than 5,000 flights per day and commitment of almost 80,000 employees. Delta is investing on airport facilities and global products, services and technology to suggest enhanced services with hubs in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Detroit, Memphis, Minneapolis-St. Paul, etc.

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