Employ Florida Marketplace

Employ Florida Marketplace is Florida’s official online portal to virtual job-matching services and many other workforce resources. It links all Florida’s state and local workforce services and resources. Partners include Agency for Workforce Innovation, the state agency which administers workforce funds.

Employ Florida Marketplace Instructions
Employ Florida Marketplace provides one stop services for both employers and job seekers. Employers can find a candidate, register job openings and unemployed employees can create a resume, look for a job and seek for certain company information and job openings. Except for setting up connections inbetween employers and job seekers, Employ Florida Marketplace is collecting all job chance resources to help Florida citizen to find a job. You can find links of Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation.

Even however Florida unemployment rate is still at 11.6% in June, Employ Florida Marketplace will help more people find their jobs with economy goes up.

About Employ Florida Marketplace
EmployFlorida.com is a site where job opportunities are suggested for job seekers and help workforce to find the candidate that match their needs. For individuals, it provides services of career, job seeker, education, labor market, veteran, youth, senior and staff provided. And for employers, it offers recruitment service, education, labor market, employer incentives, training grants and staff provided service.

You can access Employ Florida Marketplace with both www.employflorida.com and www.employflorida.net.

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