Earn Your Rewards with Mail Rewards Club

Traditionally, reading newspapers only means acquiring expertise while it also indicates earning prizes today. If you have read the Daily Mail and Mail On Sunday newspapers since 2012, you are accessible to various wonderful prizes via the Mail Rewards Club. Get the unique numbers on your read Mail newspapers, access the Mail Rewards Club online and redeem them for your preferred prizes.

Earn Your Rewards with Mail Rewards Club Guide
Mail Rewards Club Guide is launched for customers to earn prizes during reading the Mail newspapers. You may get the 12-digit unique numbers on the bottom of the back page of the newspapers daily. Each number can be used only once. Every number has a Mail points value. You may redeem the points for your dearest prizes in the Mail Rewards Shop.

If you are one of the readers, just visit Mail Rewards Club to log in or register for earning the rewards.

  • Come to the  Mail Rewards Club homepage at mailrewardsclub.mailonline.co.uk and click the green “LOGIN” button in the left side provided that you have already been a member. Input your email address and password and then press “LOGIN”. You may tick the “Remember me” box for sake of convenience. If you have forgotten your password, click on the link under the input fields to retrieve it.
  • If you are a fresh user, hit the “JOIN” button at the homepage to sign in. You need to cram in your individual information, set a password and choose the frequentness of your reading the Mail newspapers. Then, agree to the Terms & Conditions and click “SUBMIT” to finish the registration. After activating your account, you will be a Mail Rewards Club member.

When stacking up enough Mail points, you may wander around in the Mail Rewards Shop for your dearest rewards. If you have questions, view the FAQ for detailed information. Alternatively, you may visit the Mail Rewards Club online at mailrewardsclub.mailonline.co.uk.

About Mail Rewards Club
Mail Rewards Club is the thickest newspaper prizes club in the United Kingdom. Since its establishment in September 2012, over £30m has been earned by the readers of the Daily Mail and Mail On Sunday. Readers can redeem Mail points for fantastic Rewards. They can earn the points thru reading the newspapers and getting the 12-digit unique numbers that emerge on the bottom of the back page of the newspapers. Every time, the Mail points will be automatically put into the Mail Rewards Club Account.

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