e-Rewards Opinion Panel

No idea where to go for dinner? Redeem for a restaurant certification and find your dearest restaurant today with e-Rewards Opinion Panel. You can join e-rewards program and earn e-Rewards currency. When you have some e-Rewards currency, you can login your account and redeem it for the available items.

e-Rewards Opinion Panel Instructions
Joining e-Rewards is FREE and by invitation only. Their Sponsors send invitations to customers inviting them to join the program. If you’ve provided your e-mail address to one of their Sponsor companies, you could receive an invitation to join e-Rewards. You can login your e-Rewards account at erewards.com after you get the invitation and register it online.

With membership enrollment, you can update contact information, update e-mail address, switch password, cancel membership, set participation level and review account statement. You will be able to love many of the following brands: plusKiva, Restaurant.com, AeroMexico, Air Finance,  Hertz, Club Carlson and lots of more. You need  3 quick steps to redeem:

  1. Select a Sponsor or Partner Reward below.
  2. Choose a Reward level.
  3. Follow the prompts to finish your redemption.

You can make selection of your prizes by category, by level or by company. The categories include: Books, Music & Entertainment; Clothing & Accessories, Food & Dining; Gift Cards; Kiva; Magazine & Periodicals; Travel & Lodging and lots of more. The prizes level ranges from $10 – $130. You will be able to earn e-Rewards currency when you share your excellent ideas. When you have some e-Rewards currency, you can login your account and redeem it for the available items. e-Rewards service is using both erewards.com and e-rewards.com.

The e-Rewards Program is provided subject to compliance with the terms and conditions of this member agreement (“Member Agreement”). If you are not yet thirteen (13) years old, or do not reside in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam or U.S. Virgin Islands, please discontinue using the site or application immediately, or if for any reason, you do not agree with all of the terms and conditions contained in this Member Agreement (defined below), please discontinue using the site or application instantaneously because by using or attempting to use the website, you certify that you are at least thirteen (13) years of age and meet any other eligibility and residency requirements of the website.

About e-Rewards
e-Rewards, Inc. was co-founded in 1999 by Hal Brierley, a loyalty marketing expert, and Mort Meyerson, the former president of Electronic Data Systems Corp. and Perot Systems Corp. In March 2000, the company publicly launched its first-ever opinion panel, utilizing a unique “By-Invitation-Only” treatment to panel recruitment and inviting customers of leading global brands to join the program and be rewarded for time spent sharing opinions online. Within a few brief months, the very first e-Rewards Opinion Panel had grown to over 100,000 panelists. Over the years, the company grew quickly and became recognized in the market research industry for setting high quality standards thru the combination of innovative technology and proven research practices. Today, e-Rewards, headquartered in Plano, Texas, is the parent company of Research Now , Peanut Labs , and e-Miles , and the combined businesses employ over 1200 employees in over 27 offices around the world.

Get your e-Rewards currency at www.erewards.com.

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