Does Cell Phone Tracking Really Work

You must have observed lots of TV programs and movies, telling a group of police or FBI agents is monitoring a criminal or spy with cell phone tracking system, it shows where the people it is in Google Maps, combining the voice about what the people is talking online.

Is that the real case or does that mean you will find a real cell phone tracking system or cell phone tracker or software? Well, for the government, there can be such kind of system, you know, they normally do not tell us about the details. Then what about the cell phone tracking ads you see online. In most of the cases, they are not the real system that can help you. Especially those system say copy SIM card, install a software in the mobile phone you are planning to track. Try it only if you believe the service provider is coming from a trustful company or only if they let you pay the service after you verify it does work.

There are lots of free cell phone offers, like the free government cell phone program and free Google Nexus One, however most of the free cell phone tracking are not real. Be c

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