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With extremely preferential price and numerous creative services, group purchase has already taken the world by storm in latest years. Founded in 2008, Groupon is the originator of group buying by using collective buying power to suggest ginormous discounts and provide a win-win mode for biz and consumers. After launched into UK in 2009, Groupon UK now supplies thousands of deals across the Britain and Northern Ireland everyday! You can visit this site to get more and spend less from this moment.

Groupon UK Instruction
Registering is the very first step before one investigates the site to commence all the fine savings, which is so effortless that only a valid email address and password is needed. As a customer, you can love three main kinds of group buying on Groupon UK:

  1. Goods. Selling and buying goods online has no limit of location. All customers in United Kingdom can buy and receive Groupon goods, such as electronics, apparel and kitchen stuff at home.
  2. Getaways. People in the United Kingdom value holidays a lot. You can always find short or long, intercity or international travels and abundant hotels on Groupon UK. UK being a long-history country with distinct traditions, there are a lot of old castle tours suggesting dining and stay among all getaways.
  3. Local services. Such group buying can only be consumed at the locations where services are offered. Usually, they are leisure offers, restaurants, sport centres, events and so on, with immobile premises.

Goods and getaways are not based on region selection, while group buying is a local service that you must select your target market first.

Actually, what you can see on the top bar of the site is not the same as the above three kinds of group buying. Instead, there lies five sections of Featured Deal, Goods, Getaways, All Deals and Events. Featured deal is a section suggesting only one good product per day in each of the markets it serves. This featured product covers almost everything, including food, film, spa, etc. With its unique and commonly supreme offers, it can attract tons of customers everyday. Section of All deals is a place containing all goods, getaways and local services except for events. Events are some sport games and camps, museum visiting, certain festivals, etc. held in different regions. In this section, customers search for their target events via region selection.

Groupon has stringent and systematic rules to protect buyers interests. Please believe you are in safe forearms when shopping.

Groupon is also a yam-sized and effective platform for merchants to get customers and get bigger their business. GROUPON Works is a kind of service aiming to make corporation with small or medium biz to promote their property. Not only can GROUPON Works help you get customers, sell products and promote hotels, but also offers a series of merchant resources, including case study, merchant blog, merchant centre and Groupon scheduler, all assisting you to analyse and arrange your biz in a more technical and scientific way.

You can find more biz corporation, jobs opportunities, contact information and so on at the bottom of web page. Please visit www.groupon.co.uk to learn more.

About Groupon 
Groupon, whose name blends “group” and “coupon”, is a deal-of-the-day website that features discounted bounty certificates usable at local or national companies. Groupon was launched in November 2008, and the first-ever market for Groupon was Chicago. Groupon’s avenue reached 1.61 billion bucks in 2011 and it refused Google’s acquisition in 2012.

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