Digging Gold on Indiana Lottery Road

The government of Indiana indeed plays its joy cards on the lottery table. As its name and slogan suggest, “You keep living. We keep giving”. Instead of Indiana Lottery or using an abbreviation, the state has its own distinctive Hoosier Lottery. Being one of the Hoosiers in the state, you anticipate good results from playing games, or you’d like to support the State of Indiana. Whatever your purpose is, you can always anticipate awakening from Hoosier Lottery.

Digging Gold on Indiana Lottery Road Instructions
Hoosier Lottery is constantly adding fresh games to the collection, which means more chances are open to be a winner and to take home a prize, diminutive or big. This site features winning numbers, games, winners, promotions & events, my lottery and latest news. Just a glance at its homepage transfers you to the imagination and anticipation of winning the game and being a millionaire. Just as other lottery websites, hoosierlottery.com doesn’t sell tickets. All lottery tickets are available only at retail stores.

Hoosier Lottery Homepage introduces winning numbers of the week, fresh games coming & on sale, current estimated jackpot and news. Winning Numbers permits players to search winning numbers by game and date, search payouts to check the number of winning tickets by prize level and search frequency of numbers. You can also check your numbers by injecting these number and hit Search. All games are listed on the drop-down list of games. Click any of the games to learn how to play, payout and rules in the left column. You can check your tickets on the left. Promotions & Events attracts you by providing you a 2nd chance to win. Make sure you have a mylottery account to inject your non-wining tickets. Click Log In or Sign Up at the top right of the page to conclude and customize your Hoosier Lottery account. You can choose to check whether you want text alerts or enews.

If you have a winning ticket, go to Winners and Claim Your Prize. You also find Winner Stories and Search For Winners in this section. If you are interested in knowing where does the money go or other information about Hoosier Lottery, go to About Us.

About Hoosier Lottery
The Hoosier Lottery is a government-run state lottery using the state’s nickname as its official name. It began in 1807 and the money goes to players, to support Hoosiers who have served Indiana, to keep your tax low and to Indiana businesses. It is a member of the Multi-State Lottery Association. The Hoosier Lottery headquarters is located in Indianapolis in the Buick building.

Go and visit www.hoosierlottery.com.

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