Diana Shurygina and Sergey Semenov: history of rape split society

16-year-old Diana Shurygina from Ulyanovsk became the victim of a rapist on the night of April 1, 2016. The crime was committed at the party in a rented cottage, where Diana called a friend. The perpetrator, 21-year-old Sergei Semenov, whom she saw that night for the first time, closed with her in one room and then beat and raped the girl. To continue this dismal history became a subject of discussion across Russia: the part of citizens refuses to consider Diana as a victim.

photo: vk.com

In December last year, the offender Diana’s Sergey Semenov was sentenced to 8 years and 3 months in a strict regime colony. But then after the appeal period was reduced to 3 years and 3 months of imprisonment in a General regime colony. During the defendant’s family was assured that Sergey slandered, Diana at the party had been drunk and she agreed to have sex with him.

In particular, sister Semenova testified that after her brother had a sexual encounter with Diana, the girl by mutual consent had sex with another guy present at the party. Moreover, other witnesses said that he didn’t notice Diana depressed state, injury or bruising, which usually are the victims of rape. She also told the victim that resisted and asked Sergei to stop, but he took advantage of her – this version of believe and the court.

But after the verdict of a support group of Sergei calmed down and made history on court TV. On one of the talk shows, invited the relatives and defenders Sergei Semenov, Diane, her father and numerous experts. As a result, the program has turned into baiting the public Shurygino. The girl was accused that she was drunk, dressed provocatively, she provoked the young man in proximity, and then reported him to the police for selfish interests. The mother’s claim of Semenov, the father of Diana allegedly extorted from their families one million rubles for the fact that she withdraw the statement.

After the program she became a victim of the ongoing persecution and hatred: she wrote nasty things on the network, pursued in the street, the family of Diana several times had to change their place of residence. Angry Internet users after the talk show has turned photos of Shurygino in Internet memes, that cite her statements about the scale of alcohol consumed at the party “a little” and “squat”.

Here are some statements about Diana of community Vkontakte, which was signed on 7 million people:

“Slept with a boy drunk and was imprisoned for 8 years for rape”

“How sorry guys, hang on his head((( I really hope he will be acquitted! And this “Madame” juvenile, first broadcast came not heartbroken, very provocatively painted..habits are not demure”

Despite persecution, this week she once again agreed to star in the television show. After the first part of the talk show, the girl appeared in a new modest way, changed my hair and cried a lot, public anger gradually gave way to pity. However, some speakers program still threw the girl with accusations that she provoked the young man to intimacy…

The frame transmission May say

In recent years, Russia has been several high-profile rape of girls, which became publicly known due to the fact that the rapists posted a video of the crime in the network. The most famous of them happened in 2014 in Novosibirsk from 16-year-old College student Anne of Chataway in 2015 in Moscow from 18-year-old Irina Sychev. All the defendants denied their guilt, however, received significant prison terms. In both cases, themselves rape victims were victims of persecution, accusations and threats.

Why our society puts all the blame on rape victims, how to protect women who reported the crime from psychological harassment, we asked to speak to a lawyer Aleksandra Vostrikova, psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky and Anne Cherner.

Alexander Vostrikov, a lawyer: “the Majority of defendants in different criminal articles claim that they are not guilty. Naturally, the relatives and friends they also strongly justify, they sincerely want to believe that their loved one is good, and the victim to blame herself.

Unfortunately, the situation with the attitude to rape in our society for many years remained very heavy. This is due to the common myth that the perpetrator often provokes the victim. That is wearing a short skirt, went to a night club or drink a glass of alcohol, so do not be surprised that any man thinks you’re ready to have sex with him.

It is because of this myth the lion’s share of rapes go unpunished, victims are simply afraid to contact the police, do not want to censure and publicity.

I had a case where a minor girl came in the night to the police station after the rape, and there instead of helping her began to pester one of the guards. This, of course, egregious case, but many victims of rape often face humiliation and dismissive attitude on the part of those who should protect them. The trial in the rape case can be closed, but harassment on social media and accusations from the public after him, if the crime was publicly known, women in our country are not protected”.

Anne Cherner, psychologist: “In our society there are still a lot of harmful stereotypes that are known to put women in a weak and dependent on men. I remember us in school, in the classroom OBZH teacher told me: if you want to be raped, to go out in a gas mask, smelly and dirty clothes.

This, of course, exaggerated, but because from childhood we tell our daughters: don’t sit with strange men in the Elevator, don’t go in a short skirt, especially in the evenings, etc. thereby creates a psychological message that if a girl is not respected, is it surprising that he raped her no, everything bad only happens to bad. As a result, if the crime becomes known publicly, the public, instead of blaming the offender for what happened, begins to search for the incorrect motives in the behavior of the victim.

In addition, the society is of the view that if a woman refuses a man, she just breaks down, he fills his worth, and really don’t mind. Because of this confusion there is a huge number of so-called date rape when the woman really resists, says no, and the man sees it as a game. Interestingly, after the network hosted a major flash mob rape victims “are Not afraid to say,” in the community talking about how the state to protect women from rapists, and that all ladies need to take a course of defense is to do it yourself”.

Psychologist Mikhail Labkovsky limited only to the assessment of public reaction as a whole: “this is because our entire society is one big sacrifice.”

Help “MK”: According to the interior Ministry, the number of serious crimes in Russia each year is greatly reduced. In 2016 it was only 3839 rape and attempted rape. However, independent experts say that only 12% of the rapist’s victims turn to law enforcement authorities.