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Go to Dannon Facebook Light & Fit Page and take your time to join the Dannon Light & Fit Program. The chance to win a $5,000 shopping spree for you and friend in NYC or $40,000 worth of other prizes. What are you still waiting for? It is effortless to “Get Light & Fit” with Dannon milk with your friends and win the journey to New York.

Dannon Facebook Light & Fit Page Instructions
It is a lucky event, at least from Facebook page, there are more than 755,689 people liked this page and many customers left their comments about how did they love Dannon fresh, creamy and special taste nonfat yogurt, while at the same time reserve the chance to win the big prize with family members and friends. Dannon also has Dannon Light & Fit Surveybag site to cover everything about the program. It is not surprise that more and more companies are hosting their customer engagement events at Facebook, like the Toyota 100 Cars for Good program. Are you willing to join the program with your Facebook friends and let them know you are interested in it?

Dannon Light and Fit wants to help you begin a New Year’s Evolution. This year, instead of making resolutions that can be overwhelming, take diminutive steps to reach your goal. It’s all about keeping things manageable, so you perceive good about yourself and stay motivated. Join thousands of women who are kicking off this year off on a journey toward living healthy!

Light & Fit Page House Rules
Dannon Light and Fit encourage you to leave comments, photos, movies and links on this Fan Page! However, to ensure that all members of the community can love this Page, they will be reviewing all postings and liquidate any that are inappropriate, unlawful or offensive. They will leave all postings that fit with the spirit of Light & Fit. Please understand that the postings on this Fan Page are those of the person submitting the comments and do not necessarily represent the opinions of The Dannon Company, Inc.

About Dannon Light & Fit
Founded in 1988, Dannon Light & Fit yogurt is specially produced for people who cares about health, looking for high quality food and keep fit while love excellent taste milk. It is the way to achieve a balanced diet. Light & Fit is a good source of riboflavin, calcium, protein, phosphorus, and vitamin D. Delicious and nutritious. You can love their fresh, creamy, yet marvelously light nonfat yogurt. With 80 calories! Every spoonful prizes you with its fresh, light taste. Promotions are suggested online from time to time.

Join Dannon Light & Fit program at www.facebook.com/lightandfit.

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