Complete Your Novartis Animal Health Rebates

When your pets or farm animals are taken good care of by Novartis animal health products, don’t leave behind to claim your rebates before the suggest expires if your purchases are qualify for the rebate offer. Novartis products are available by prescription thru veterinarians. You can get rebate coupons from your hospital and then come to Novartis rebate site to print the rebate subjugation form.

Novartis Animal Health Rebate Instructions
Qualified purchases require completing rebate subordination online and then printing the rebate form and mailing it along with an itemized invoice to the address printed on the form. Any other methods to claim your rebates are not accepted by Novartis.

You are able to submit a fresh rebate or track your rebate status by logging onto www.novartisrebates.com and creating a profile for rebate subordination and notification. Select an option from “Submit New Rebates”, “Check Rebate Status”, “Update My Profile”, “My Pets” and “Frequently Asked Questions” to meet your needs. If you already have a rebate account, log in to submit your rebate directly.

Since your shipping address is auto populated with the information you provided when you sign in, you only need to offer rebate details, medical center information and purchase information so as to print your rebate form. You can opt in to receive 

  1. Enter your coupon code. If you don’t have, select a brand rebate given on the page to get your coupon code.
  2. Enter your health center name, zip and phone. In case you need it, you can click on the “Clinic Lookup” button to search for your health center information.
  3. Click on “Add Pet” button to come in your pet name and species.
  4. Input your invoice number, invoice date and quantity (injections).
  5. Press “Print Rebate Form” to open or save your file and print the rebate form.
  6. Mail the rebate form, along with your invoice, to the address that shows up on the form. Please hope to receive your payment within 6-8 weeks in the form of a VISA prepaid card. You are also invited by Novartis to cram out a survey.
  7. You can comeback to this site to check your rebate status and inject future rebates.

Click on “Need Assistance” to converse with a live agent or contact Novartis by phone or email when you run into trouble. You can access Novartis Animal Health Rebate FAQ thru Reference Link 1 at the bottom of this page.

About Novartis
Novartis is a Swiss pharmaceutical company founded in 1996. Its healthcare portfolio includes pharmaceuticals, Alcon, Sandoz, consumer health, vaccines and diagnotics. Novartis Animal Health researches, develops and commercializes leading animal treatments that meet the needs of pet owners, farmers and veterinarians.Novartis operates in 140 countries committed to providing healthcare solutions that address the evolving needs of patients and societies.

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