Compare Energy Prices to Save Your Bill

Bothered by your constantly enlargening violet wand and gas bills? Upset by unending and diverse energy tariffs? Confused with myriad energy suppliers and having no idea which to transfer? Desperate to save your scanty wallet? If your answers are yes for at least one question, please choose Energylinx to make an energy price comparison among all energy suppliers in UK to help you find the most suitable deal, with the entire process free and impartial. Energylinx proclaims that its customers have saved on average 113.24 pounds on their gas and electro-stimulation bills!

Energylinx Instructions
With a ordinary homepage, the site shows its functions clearly. The core biz of Energylinx is to make energy comparisons, icons of which you can see at the highlighted position on the page. There are two major categories of comparisons that you can make: for home and for business.

Energy price comparison for home is composed by gas and electricity, electro-therapy only, renewable electricity, and gas only. Process of comparison for home is almost the same:

  1. You are supposed to fulfill details of your current energy use status, including your postcard, existing energy suppliers, existing energy consumption, brainy meters, green deal, payment method and comparison criteria. Don not worry, most of them are numerous choice questions, effortless to operate.
  2. Comparison result will come out. It will suggest all options for you to pick up the best price supplier. You can check tariff details, customer reviews and fresh cost analysis of every option. To proceed to next step, please click proceed on the option you wish to transfer.
  3. Fulfill supply details including individual details, supply address and billing address. Fulfill bank details.
  4. Confirm all above information to conclude the transfer.

Energy price comparison for biz contains electro-stimulation and gas. The process of biz comparison is similar to that of home. The very first step is to fulfill your current details of all aspects, including business, contact, supply and consumption. The site will list options with different quotations. Next steps is application, payment and confirmation.

There are four sections next to the comparison section: resources, tools, tariffs and suppliers, all of which introduce a large amount of basic knowledge, terms, glossaries, an calculation instruments in energy industry. FAQ is contained in resources section. Please have a check if having questions.

If you are interested in cooperation with Energylinx on business, click affiliate to learn more about it. Energylinx holds enthusiasm to welcome potential partners.

Please visit www.energylinx.co.uk to get more information.

About Energylinx
As an independent, privately possessed and Scottish based company, Energylinx is established to make the process of comparing and switching domestic energy suppliers as effortless and secure as possible. Its independence, inclusion of all energy suppliers in UK, and frequent update ensure the impartiality and accuracy.

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