CNBC Business Headlines and Financial Markets Information

CNBC reaches out to every corner of the world, providing you with the latest news in biz and financial market. CNBN Business Day is a set of programs including Worldwide Exchange, Squawk Box, Squawk on the Street, Fast Money Halftime Report, and so on where you can get reports on U.S. businesses, updates of stock market indices and commodities prices, and commentary from many investment professionals and more.

CNBC Business Headlines and Financial Markets Information Overview
CNBC offers a multitude of programs covering biz headlines and financial markets via its biz day (term used by CNBC hosts and announcers). Any persons who want to learn the up-to-date information about business, stock market, and finance. You can read news, observe flicks and live shows to keep posted on international or American financial news. Choose your edition thru “Home INTL” at CNBC site to get started.

The following are some of the featured programs introduced in biz day( see reference link 1):

Worldwide Exchange: Examines biz stories that have global significance to help global investors make more actionable decisions.

Squawk on the Street: Broadcasts on the floor of  the New York Stock Exchange, covers the first-ever two-and-a-half hours of the trading day and tracks the activity of every trade of every stock.

Power Lunch: Examines the companies, people, and trends influencing Wall Street whether they originate on Wall Street or in Washington, and live broadcasts from conferences, trade shows, etc. Plus real-time market coverage at the midway point of the trading day.

Mad Money: Focuses on investment and speculation, offering stock advice to callers, interviews with guest CEOs, and discussions on the technical details of the stock market. It was introduced in an entertainment-style format instead of a news broadcasting one.

To learn more about biz information, visit www.cnbc.com.

About CNBC
CNBC is a recognized world leader in biz news and provides real-time financial market coverage and biz information. CNBC also has a vast portfolio of digital products which produce real-time financial market news and information across a multiplicity of platforms.

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