City of Chicago Revenue Department

Governments  at all levels consist of departments and department of divisions. Each department is known to assume its specific duty. Overall, revenue department aims to satiate social members’ need of obtaining public goods. Likely, the Chicago Department of Revenue’s responsibility or mission is to support vital city infrastructure and services by maximizing revenue collections while providing superior customer service.

City of Chicago Revenue Department Instructions
It seems that the Revenue Department can’t be found on Chicago Government’s  homepage, instead, it can be traced on the Department of Finance website. City of Chicago Revenue Department provides effective and efficient management of the City’s financial resources. It is liable for the collection or disbursement of City revenues and all funds required to be in the custody of the city treasurer.

With the guidance of the established mission, the Chicago Revenue Department offers featured services and programs including paying and filing taxes, paying a parking or crimson light ticket, paying a water bill, employee benefits and so on. Other general services are as follows:

  1. Accounts Receivable
  2. Benefits Management for City Employees
  3. Centralized Invoice Processing
  4. Debt Management and Investor Relations
  5. Internal Audit
  6. Parking and Red-light Citation Administration
  7. Payment Processing
  8. Public Private Partnerships
  9. Tax Division
  10. Water Billing and Collections

Apart from those services, you can also read the latest revenue alerts, most latest revenue news like Retiree Healthcare Benefits Commission Report to the Mayor, and learn about support information and city data. Supporting Information covers 2012 Management Ordinance, 2012 Revenue Ordinance, Bond Information, Boot Eligibility Information, City Contract and Payment Data, etc. While the city date comprises FOIA Request Log – Finance and FOIA Request Log – Revenue. Just one click and you’ll find more details and even enclosures for data.

As a matter of fact, diverse services you can receive depend on different divisions. Therefore, the Revenue Department is orderly structured with multitude of divisions, Accounting Division, Accounts Receivable Division and Administration Division, for instance. These divisions are assigned with their respective obligations. The Accounting Division records and reports financial transactions. The Accounts Receivable Division answers for collecting various receivables. The Administration Division processes  red-light ticket fines and parking-collecting and operates customer service by means of the Department of Revenue’s Parking and Red-light Ticket Help Line-312.744.7275. For further information, you can stir to the Revenue Department’s website.

You are also welcome to choose onsite visit of City of Chicago Revenue Department with the following contact information:

  • Phone: 312.744.7275 For Tickets or 312.747.4747 For Businesses
  • TTY: 312.744.2975
  • Fax: 312.747.8950
  • Address: 121 North LaSalle St. Room 107, Chicago, IL 60602

About City of Chicago
The City of Chicago, American 3rd in demand city, has an  area of 60,000 hectares to feed 2,695,598 residents. Located in the temperate continental climate zone, the city wields four distinctive seasons and the Chicago and Calumet rivers flow thru it.  City of Chicago was organized as a town in 1833 but now it has developed to be metropolis and gained stardom at home and abroad. Nowadays, City of Chicago embraces people of various nationalities to pursue the American dream.

Visit www.cityofchicago.org/revenue for any question related to City of Chicago Revenue Department.

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